Suffren Patisserie was first opened in Reguliersbreestraat in the heart of Amsterdam in 2009. Our creative team came to Amsterdam on a mission to introduce top quality Middle East delights and sophisticated pastry to the Dutch and tourists of the city.

You can experience the best quality cakes and patisserie products, continental breakfasts, lunches, the finest teas and coffees and an atmosphere that is unique to each location.

We’ve worked hard to achieve an international reputation and this has been built on the quality of our products which are hand made using top quality ingredients and traditional baking methods. Our branches are in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Turkey.

Our popular and bespoke special occasion cake and celebration cake service offers outstanding quality, value and price. You can order online here.

We have been creating sophisticated birthday cakes for years. We offer a delicious collection of various designs and flavours.

One of our most popular masterpieces is a wide variety of baklava that we produce only with hands respecting traditions and following the authentic recipes that our ancestors used. You can visit our patisserie or order different flavours online here.

We make our own gelato – Italian style ice cream in a wide range of fantastic natural flavours and we produce the finest bakery.